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What do you know about flies?How much do you know about fly?

Flies have the physiological characteristics that a mating can lay eggs for life, and a female fly can lay eggs 5-6 times in her life, with about 100-150 eggs per egg and up to about 300 eggs。It can breed 10-12 generations in a year。Common flies in people's lives are housefly, toilet fly, Lucilia sericata, Chrysomyces megacephala, Sarcophaga melanocorca and so on。Flies not only nuisance people's lives, but also have the habit of eating, spitting and pulling, becoming the main carrier of disease transmission, posing a huge threat to food-related enterprises。

家蝇 家蝇

形态:Medium size, about 7mm long, grayish brown。

习性:The most important fly species in urban residential areas in China is also the most important fly species entering the room。

食性:Most of them are saprophagous and fecal。

市蝇 市蝇

形态:The body length is about 5-6mm, slightly smaller than housefly, and the body color is slightly lighter。

习性:Flies are phototaxis, active during the day and roosting at night。

Muscina stabulans Muscina stabulans

形态:The adult is 6-9 mm long。

习性:It is rare in summer when it is hot, but more common in spring and autumn。Muscina stabulans is widely distributed in China。

Chrysomyia megacephala Chrysomyia megacephala

形态:Medium to large size, 8-11mm long。

习性:Outdoor dwelling fly species。

Rattus xanthothorax Calliphora macrocauda

形态:体长6.5~12mm。This species is large, reaching 12mm in length。Bluish blue, covered with light powder。

习性:Adult flies spend most of their time outdoors。

Mus musculus 绿蝇

形态:Medium species of fly, up to 10mm in length。

习性:Typical outdoorsy residential fly species, can invade indoors。


形态:Medium to large species, up to 13mm。

习性:Outdoor dwelling fly species。

Rattus xanthothorax Summer toilet fly

形态:Body is thin, body length 5.0~6.0毫米。

习性:Adults live in the wild or in crowded places。Eggs and larvae often enter the human body with food, but also enter the urethra and intestinal cavity, causing myiasis。

Whether your place is suffering from flies?If you are suffering from rodents troubled places?

With Youjukang, you will no longer worry about these hazardsNo longer worry about these hazards

Youjukang Beijing fly Control Company, A-level industry qualification, 20 years of control experience team
Through our professional investigation and analysis, according to the severity of flies to develop solutions, scientific comprehensive rodent control
Reduce your operational risk and protect your brand reputation。

Youjukang professional fly control programSpecialized rodent control program

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