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Youjukang, to create a strong guarantee of safe production environmentCreate a strong safe production environment protection

In the industrial manufacturing industry, more and more factories, administrative departments, property logistics management departments are aware of all kinds of pest problems,
For example: rats, cockroaches, termites, etc. destroy factory buildings and equipment, causing the factory electric power system to fail,
Pollution destroys products and raw materials, negatively affecting product quality and factory operations。

Youjukang, to create a strong guarantee of safe production environment

With Youjukang, you don't have to worry about thatNo longer worry about it


Beijing Youjukang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a member of Beijing Pest Control Association。Has a strong technical force, with excellent pest management experts and technical team。Youjukang Insect Control is one of the main projects of Beijing Youjukang Environmental Technology Co., LTD., which is committed to creating a healthy and clean working environment, living environment, entertainment and leisure home environment for the public。It is an institutional unit throughout the country...

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Pest analysis in manufacturingPest Analysis in Manufacturing

Youjukang, pest control solutions for manufacturingManufacturing pest control solutions

jujukangBeijing Insecticide Company,Professional pest control solutions based on internationally recognized IPM (Integrated Pest Management),Focus on pest risk management,Through a review of the characteristic requirements of your plant type as well as the plant structure,An analysis combining pest behavior and biological knowledge,Identify pest risks in different areas of the plant,Adopt different pest control strategies and pest control programs,Minimize the rate of damage to your products from pests,Reduce unnecessary plant operating costs caused by pests,Create a safe and healthy production environment for you。

Rodent control

Cockroach controlCheck all signs of pests and treat them to effectively control the density of cockroaches and other reptiles。Cockroach control

Fly controlEffective density monitoring and control, professional integrated pest management to avoid fly nuisance and enhance staff productivity。Fly control

Mosquito controlMosquito controlProfessional monitoring and spatial treatment to effectively control mosquito density and provide protective barriers for factory employees and visitors。

Rodent controlRodent controlAccording to the environmental characteristics of the factory area and the requirements of plant pest management, the "three lines of defense" are designed for the factory to effectively monitor and prevent rodent invasion。

  • A more appropriate planWe are familiar with the requirements of various plant management systems, and design the most suitable pest control program with targeted service investigation, actively help you eliminate pest risks, and help you jointly systematized plant pest control。
  • Strict safety standardsIn strict accordance with the service process standards, we choose drugs with national drug registration certificate to ensure environmental protection and eliminate your worries about drugs。
  • Serve quickly and quicklyWe have a comprehensive geographical service coverage, no matter where you are, we can provide you with a comprehensive system of pest control services。
  • Excellent value added servicesWe provide you with more value-added services, such as: rapid response to emergencies, pest trend analysis reports, pest training。

Service processService process

Just 8 stepsKeep you away from pests and have a healthy environment

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24小时Customer service hotline, for more information about our pest control services, please call For more information, call 400-1158-128Online consultationCan alsoClick to leave a messageSubmit the application, our service consultant will contact you as soon as possible, Youjukang - your whole intimate procurement consultant, choose Youjukang service rest assured。

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Twenty years ago, my first customer said to me, "I know your company has just been established, and there is no brand, but what I see is that you work steadily", so I decided to be honest, work hard, and create my own brand;Thank you all the way to support my colleagues and partners。

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