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Youjukang, a strong guarantee for creating a healthy environmentCreate a healthy environment

Pest found in home?No need to panic, no need to worry,
We can help you identify the type of infestation and determine the source of the infestation, provide you with prevention recommendations, or help you implement pest elimination measures, home infestation, leave it to us!

Youjukang, a strong guarantee for creating a healthy environment

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Beijing Youjukang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a member of Beijing Pest Control Association。Has a strong technical force, with excellent pest management experts and technical team。Youjukang Insect Control is one of the main projects of Beijing Youjukang Environmental Technology Co., LTD., which is committed to creating a healthy and clean working environment, living environment, entertainment and leisure home environment for the public。It is an institutional unit throughout the country...

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Home pest analysisAnalysis of insect pests in families

Exterminate cockroaches, kill ants,老鼠、臭虫、跳蚤、书虱、衣鱼、皮蠹、蛾蠓、白蚁、螨虫、Pests such as sword ants can pass through situations such as carrying items and indoor closure problems, Present in your home, they can contaminate food in your home, spread disease, destroy things, and even, directly attack your body。The extent of a home infestation can't be judged simply by the number and size you see, and sometimes, even before you know it, the damage has already been done。Of course, home pests vary according to the environment, and there are many other pests, so we can provide you with a variety of home pest identification services。

Youjukang, home pest control solutionsFamily pest control solution

There is no need to panic or worry about finding pests in your home,
We can help you identify the type of pest and determine the source of the pest and provide you with prevention recommendations and help you implement pest control measures, household pests to us。

Home pest control solutions

Cockroach controlCockroach control +The appearance of German cockroach is mostly caused by the spread of articles, and the appearance of American cockroach is mostly caused by the invasion of indoor water outlets。Bait treatment and comprehensive cockroach trace inspection, completely solve the cockroach problem, to avoid the family due to cockroaches frightened。

Rodent controlRodent control +The harm of rats is many, it can infect many diseases, such as: plague, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, mouse typhus and so on。As good as the current architectural design is, it is still unable to prevent the Lord of destruction - the appearance of rats。Physical prevention and inspection of the source of invasion, treatment of intrusion channels to prevent the invasion of rats。

Bedbug controlBed bug control +If you see bedbugs in the room, do not be displeased, be sure to kill in time, the cause of indoor discovery is generally caused by carrying items, after professional inspection, spray treatment will effectively control, for you to completely solve the problem。

Ant controlAnt control +The ants found indoors are mainly caused by carrying items or not strictly sealed. The hazards of indoor ants to the home are often ignored by people, and the harm methods are mainly stealing food, biting and spreading bacteria. According to their activity characteristics, bait killing treatment can be effectively controlled。

Home pest control solutions

Flea controlFlea control +Fleas are parasitic bloodsucking pests. In addition to bloodsucking harassment, what is more harmful is that some fleas are the vectors of certain human and animal diseases such as plague, endemic typhus, hare fever, rabbit myxoma, etc。Spray treatment effective and thorough, pay attention to take preventive measures。

Mite controlMite control +Mites are easy to cause asthma, bronchitis, nephritis, allergic rhinitis and allergic skin and other diseases, affecting human sleep health。On average, there are at least 6 million bedding and dust mites in each bed。High temperature steam physical mite removal, more than 60 degrees Celsius steam can effectively eliminate mites but also have the effect of sterilization。

Book louse controlBook louse control +For example, book louse is a meal feeding pest, complex feeding, hunger tolerance, high temperature, high humidity, social, insect source from the outside, family indoor spraying treatment can be completely solved

Termite controlTermite control +Between May and June each year is the high incidence season of termites, but also the best period of treatment, found termites do not easily alarm them, not to blindly self-administer, should immediately ask qualified control units to kill ants, so that you can achieve the effect of radical treatment。

Home pest control solutions

Coat fish controlCoat fish control +Do a good job of indoor environmental hygiene, clean up rotten and wet items and sweep the surface that is not often exposed, clothing fish like high temperature and high humidity, the insect source comes from outside, and the family indoor spraying treatment can be completely solved。

Bark beetle controlBark beetle control +There are more pests in the family food, the bark beetle likes Yin and wet and hates the sun, the object should pay attention to moisture, the grain and fur should be commonly exposed to the sun, and the method of spraying is taken。

Odorant controlOdor ant control +Smelly ants are solitary, not interested in any kind of food, any kind of bait。Never gather together, like to climb in the corner, the top of the wall, and often climb onto the sheets, pillows, quilts, aggressive, very painful sting。Indoor spraying treatment can be completely solved。

Moth and midge controlMoth and midge control +The family produces this pest mainly from the sewer pipe flies up, effective space spraying adult insects, foam treatment of the sewer wall larvae, to eliminate the occurrence of this pest, must be sealed with a real deodorant floor drain in order to effectively solve the recurrence。

  • A more appropriate planWe are familiar with the requirements of home pest control, and with targeted professional and safe killing treatment, we actively help you eliminate pest problems and help you promote a healthy environment。
  • Strict safety standardsOur professional service personnel in strict accordance with the standard service process, the selection of national certified safe drugs, to ensure your environmental health and safety。
  • Serve quickly and quicklyWe have a comprehensive geographical service coverage, no matter where you are, we can provide you with a comprehensive system of pest control services。
  • Excellent value added servicesWe offer you more value-added services, such as quick response to pest outbreaks and identification of pest species found at home。

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