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Professional pest control companies tell you how to reduce the harm of mosquitoes

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  Once the summer, mosquitoes become more and more, everyone is particularly annoying, so how should we reduce these troubles?Next, professional pest control companies will share some ways to reduce the harm of mosquitoes。

  First, change the human body acid and alkali

  This method may not be known to many people, but it is also extremely effective。Normally, we can eat more alkaline foods, such as alkaline vegetables, and drink some alkaline beverages。In this way, our body and blood will show light alkaline, such a constitution, mosquitoes do not like to bite, and even if it is bitten, it is not very easy to appear large red envelopes。Such as some food, sausage, chicken, pork, beef, bacon, bread, wheat, fish and so on。

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  Two, mosquito repellent incense

  This method is very simple and relatively economical。We can use the mosquito repellent tablet after dropping some wind oil, and then light them, or plug it in to make it hot。In this way, the smell of mosquito repellent is the smell of wind oil。This method is particularly good at repelling mosquitoes。

  3. Flowers

  It is well known that mosquitoes are particularly afraid of very fragrant smells。So we can use this theory to repel mosquitoes。We can put some roses, milanese, jasmine and other flowers with strong fragrance, which can not only drive away mosquitoes, but also freshen the air, decorate our house and cultivate our mood。

  The above is a professional insecticidal company for you to introduce some ways to reduce mosquitoes, I hope to help you, if you have other aspects want to know, you can come to consult us, we will have professional personnel to answer for you。

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