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What are the effective ways to kill cockroaches?

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  Cockroaches are surprisingly fertile,And very strong survivability,According to research,Cockroaches used to live with dinosaurs,And there was no change in physical characteristics,This shows how resilient cockroaches are and how resilient they are,Of particular concern,A cockroach can live for more than nine days after being decapitated,The cause of death was excessive hunger。

  那么Exterminate cockroachesWhat are some of the ways that work?Next, Beijing cockroach Control Company gives you a brief introduction。

  1. Clean environment: Destroy the environment on which cockroaches live,This method is a very effective way to kill cockroaches,The reason is to remove the hiding places of cockroaches,To completely banish the cockroaches,The first thing to do is to survey all the crevices in your home that are compatible with cockroaches and seal them up,Including kitchen, bathroom, utility room, ceiling, door cracks, wall cracks, tile cracks, etc., all may be cockroaches hiding places,besides,Any cockroach carcass found must be cleaned promptly,The reason is that cockroach carcasses can carry eggs,If the eggs can not be cleaned up in time,After a certain time,There's gonna be another bunch of cockroaches hatching。

  2, the use of spray insecticides: this method is faster and faster to see the effect, close the doors and Windows, in the cockroaches and hiding corners directly encounter insecticides, remember to wear a mask, such pesticides in the closed situation, or very uncomfortable, harmful to the human body。After spraying, people leave, close the doors and Windows for a certain time, and after ventilation, they can enter the room to clean the cockroach carcass。


  3, cockroach bait or granules: if not blocked in time,Granules or baits can be placed in detected crevices or areas where cockroaches are likely to roam,Such roach drugs often have a knock-on effect on cockroaches,Cockroaches die after feeding,Taking advantage of cockroaches' propensity to eat their fellow carcasses,Eating the dead bodies of poisoned cockroaches can also kill you,The only difference between cockroach baits and granules,Glue baits can be used in wet areas,Granules are suitable for dry areas。

  4, cockroach paste: Today's market in addition to cockroach killing drugs, there are cockroach paste, cockroach paste placed in the place where cockroaches often crawl, will directly attract cockroaches, and then directly stick。But this approach does not eradicate cockroaches, only to a certain extent to reduce。

  Summer is the peak time for cockroach breeding,As mentioned above, cockroaches reproduce very quickly,If a cockroach invaded the home,If left alone,It's bound to lead to a cockroach infestation,Beijing Cockroach Control Company reminds you if you find traces of cockroach activity in your home,It's got to be before the cockroaches start breeding,Eliminate cockroaches in time,Keep the house clean,Close the holes and crevices in the home in time,Give the cockroaches nowhere to hide,Is one of the most effective ways to kill cockroaches at home。

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