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What should I pay attention to when using a fly cage?Beijing pest control company to tell you!

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  Flies are a group of creatures that are more common in summer,And it has the physiology to mate once and lay eggs for life,So we feel that flies are everywhere,So many friends will choose to use the fly cage to kill flies,Next, Beijing pest Control Company will introduce some places that need to be paid attention to when applying fly cage。

  First, choose good food

  When planning the bait to attract flies, it is preferred to mix the bait with strong odor such as fish maw intestines, animal guts, animal blood, animal feces, etc., which are liked by flies. If conditions are available, rotten fruits, rotten fruit skins, expired milk and yogurt can be moderately added and mixed。The prepared bait can more effectively attract flies to the fly cage to throw themselves into the net, in addition, you can also use the lure of the king of flies as bait, add an appropriate amount of water to stir and ferment the bait placed under the fly cage can be。

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  2. Place in a sunny place or a place where flies gather

  Pay attention to the efficiency problem when placing the fly trap, otherwise it is easy to get half the result with twice the effort, so it should be especially placed in the place where there are many flies to catch flies in a large range。Preferably garbage, vegetable markets and other places where flies gather in large numbers, flies like light, so it is more appropriate to place under trees or sunny places in spring and summer, and should also pay attention to keep the bait moist, prevent direct sunlight and regularly add water to stir the bait。The selection of bait is primarily a substance that can emit a strong odor, which is conducive to making the fly trap play a greater role。

  3. Placed in the near ground area

  The entrance of the fly trap is designed to be funnel-shaped, which is conducive to the fly being lured into the cage by the bait and needing to take off again when it cannot fly out again, and then trapped and died in the cage。Even so, the viability of the fly can not be underestimated, to make full use of the role of the fly cage to trap the fly to a greater extent, placed in the near ground area is a more sensible choice, although flies fly up to hundreds of meters, but usually fly near the ground, too high the height of it will not choose to fly。

  These are some of the places that need to be paid attention to when applying fly control cage introduced by Beijing Pest Control Company. I hope it can help you. If you have other aspects that you need to know, you can consult us。

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