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What if there are rats in the supermarket?Professional rodent control company tells you!

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  The supermarket is now a daily part of our lives, imagine, if we go to the supermarket to buy something, suddenly ran out of the shelves of mice, will make many people surprised, panic。The media also reported a similar news: customers go to the supermarket to buy things, when he went to the storage of sausages, ham and other food freezer, feel that there is a dark shadow wriggles in the freezer, "I look, the freezer ran out of a mouse, with my four eyes.。This is how the person described it。If you encounter such a scene in a supermarket, will you visit the supermarket again?Surely not。Therefore, businesses should pay attention to the prevention of rats, do not let rats keep your customers out。

  So what do the overcontrol mice have to start from?The following professional rodent control company to take you to understand the detailed method of commercial super rodent control。

  The first step is to reduce rat aggression by starting with the environment:

  1, through the protection of buildings and environmental health, eliminate or reduce the breeding ground, habitat and attractants of pests。

  2, check the external environment, whether there are holes and gaps that rats easily invade the room (should be less than 0.6cm), and make corresponding records, communicate with the property side, and agree on the structure protection improvement plan and implementation。

  3, in the supermarket room regularly check the rodent habitat, find traces of rodent activity in time to deal with, do not give the opportunity for mice to invent activities。

Professional rodent control company

  Professional rodent control companies also need to use physical methods to monitor and capture:

  1, after the installation of physical monitoring and monitoring facilities, in the supermarket in the appropriate location to isolate the timing and way for mice to enter the key area。

  2, in the indoor (mainly for the receiving channel, warehouse, power distribution room, computer room) in the rodents must be placed sticky traps (dust) and check the effective mechanism regularly, timely replacement of invalid sticky traps。 3, when it is not suitable to use sticky traps in wet areas, use trap cages for distribution control (moisture-proof)。

  4. Place sticky mouse boards on the ceiling of key areas for monitoring and regular viewing, and timely replace the dusty and sticky mouse boards with declining viscosity。

  5, the indoor rodent density monitor is regularly used to detect rodent population density, infrared night vision 24 hours a day operation, can carefully observe the activity law of cunning rodents, and completely remove the rodent pests in the target environment。

  The appropriate use of chemical monitoring in the periphery is to install rat bait stations in the hidden areas of the periphery, set up viewing records, set warning labels, conduct numbering management, and check and maintain regularly。

  If the supermarket rodent problem is really serious, it is recommended to consult a professional rodent control company for detailed measures。

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