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Pest solutions/ Pest solutions

Home pest control solutions


Pest found in home?There is no need to panic or worry, we can help you identify the type of infestation and determine the source of the infestation, advise you on prevention, or help you carry out pest elimination measures, household infestations, etc.... View details +

Hotel pest control solutions


In today's increasingly competitive hospitality industry, the company understands the importance of top quality service and a safe and comfortable environment for your guests, the hotel industry faces the risk of pest infestation unique to the hotel industry, the fast pace, travelers from all over the world,... View details +

Office pest control solutions


High-end business buildings = perfect hardware and human environment = comfortable and efficient work。However, where there are people, there is a risk of infestation, and even high-end business buildings cannot avoid open snacks on the table and water in the pantry... View details +

Pest control solutions for schools


A healthy environment is essential for health care and schools。Whether hospital patients or school children, they are physically relatively weak groups, more susceptible to infection。The state of the environment in health facilities and schools therefore deserves special attention... View details +

Pest control program for food processing


As we all know, the pest problem has always been a big problem in food safety, because every link of the entire food industry chain (raw material procurement, food processing, packaging and transportation, etc.) is likely to be "invaded" by pests and breeding... View details +

Pest control program for supermarket stores


Providing customers with a clean, comfortable and hygienic shopping environment is one of the important factors to attract more customers into your shop, and supermarkets, stores, etc., also have strict hygiene requirements, especially in the supply area of fresh fruits and vegetables and food... View details +

Restaurant chain pest control program


Catering chain is a highly competitive industry, but also by the public close attention to the industry, to attract customers need a unique style of dishes, good dining environment, value for money price, but to lose customers often may only need a small... View details +

Pest control solutions for manufacturing

[Pest Control Solutions for Manufacturing]

In the industrial manufacturing industry, more and more factories, administrative departments, property logistics management departments are aware of all kinds of pest problems, such as: rats, cockroaches, termites, etc., destroy factory buildings and equipment, resulting in factory electric power system paralysis, pollution... View details +

Airport/Government agency pest solutions


With the rapid development of China's economy today, the transportation industry has become increasingly prosperous。Airports, as a link in transportation, will also usher in a busier future。The high mobility of people and items in the airport industry, as well as the malleability of the site, are possible... View details +

Logistics/Warehouse pest control solutions


The logistics warehousing industry is a highly mobile industry, and the high-speed flow of goods makes the hidden danger of pests may be planted at any time。Once an infestation occurs, the consequences can be highly contagious and devastating。 View details +

Pest control solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

[Pest Control Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry]

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is most important to ensure that the pharmaceutical process is smooth。Pharmaceutical manufacturers must ensure that safety and hygiene levels in pharmaceutical preparation, production, packaging and labeling processes meet or exceed specified standards。That means the pharmaceutical industry has to... View details +

Pest control solutions for other industries

[Pest Control Solutions for other Industries]

No matter what industry you're in, pests can be a problem for you。These 'unwanted visitors' are just one of the inevitable negatives we encounter in our lives, they are everywhere, always exploring all kinds of territory ----... View details +

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